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Studio Rentals

All of our backline is available for studio rentals and some pieces are reserved specifically for studio use only. See our guitar and bass amp rental section for more details.







Drum Kits and Percussion from Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Tama, LP, and Ludwig. Bass Amps from Ampeg, SWR, Traynor, Hartke, Mesa Boogie, and Eden. Guitar Amps from Fender, Marshall, VOX, Mesa Boogie, and Traynor. Keyboards from Roland, Korg, Kurzweil, Hammond, Yamaha, Rhodes and Leslie. Guitars and Basses from Fender, Gibson, Martin, Danelectro and Hamer.

Services include delivery, setup, strike and pickup. On-site techs are also available. These services are additional to the daily rental price.

Below is a partial listing of our available Backline equipment. The list is constantly expanding. If you don't see something please contact us as we may have recently acquired it or be able to get it for you !!



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