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Backline - Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

Bass Amps

Ampeg Vintage SVT


Ampeg Vintage SVT (studio rental only)


Ampeg Classic SVT


Ampeg SVT 2 Pro  

Ampeg SVT 3


Ampeg SVP Pro preamp and 600 watt power amp


Ampeg Vintage V4B


Ampeg 8-10 Classic


Ampeg 4-10 Classic


Ampeg Vintage Portaflex (60's & 70's)


Ampeg B100 combo


Eden World Tour 800  
Eden 410XL  
Eden 115XL  

GK 800 RB head


Hartke 5000 head


Hartke 4-10 XL


Hartke 1-15 XL


Hartke Kickback 12 combo


Hartke Kickback 15 combo


JBL 1-18" 2441 speaker


Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ head


Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1000 cabinet


Pearce BC1 preamp


SWR Bass 750 head


SWR Goliath II


SWR SM900 head


SWR Black Beauty combo  


Guitar Amps


Fender Twin Reverb Black Face Reissue


Fender Bassman Reissue


Fender Vibrolux


Fender Hot Rod deVille (410 & 212)


Fender Super Reverb Black Face Reissue


Gibson GA15RV (studio rental only)


Fender Deluxe Reverb


Fender Champ  

Marshall JMP 50 watt head (6550 and EL34 versions)


Marshall JCM 800 50 watt


Marshall Studio 15 (studio rental only)


Marshall JTM 45 Bluesbreaker combo


Marshall 1974x combo + extension cabinet  

Marshall Super Lead 100 1971


Marshall Super Bass 100 1972 (studio rental only)


Marshall DSL 2000 100 watt


Marshall 4-12 TV with Green Backs


Marshall 4-12 AX and BX with Green Backs


Marshall 4-12 AV and BV with Vintage 30ís


Marshall 4-12 JCM 900  

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier


SWR California Blonde  




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